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      Whether you’re building a credit scoring system or a digital wallet infrastructure with automated payments, our technology is designed to integrate with ease and scale with your business.

    • Account Aggregation

      Account Aggregation

      Access your users’ bank data with ease.

    • Financial Indicators

      Financial Indicators

      Understand your customers better.

    • Identity Veryfication

      Accounts &

      Build your payments infrastructure.

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      Make and receive payments instantly.

    • Accounts & Wallets

      Identity Verification

      Automate your onboarding processes.

    • Solutions

      Our solutions combine two or more of our technologies to solve a specific business need. These are some of the solutions our customers are currently using.

    • Onboarding


      Better onboarding combining KYC with Open Banking

    • Customer Analitycs

      Customer Analytics

      More precise scoring and dynamic information

    • Regulation as a Service

      Money Movement

      Automate all of your payments and transfers

    • Money Movement

      Regulation as a Service

      A fully compliant regulatory shield

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      Who we are, what we can offer you, how we guarantee your security and comply with PSD2, our collection of resources to learn about Open Banking and Fintech, and our blog.

    • About Unnax

      About Unnax

      The story of Unnax

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      Everything PSD2, Open Banking, and payments tech

    • Security and Regulations


      Unnax’s regulatory position under PSD2

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