Enhancing Efficiency: How Unnax Transformed Blue Finance’s Lending Process

March 14, 2024

Blue Finance Group is an international online lender offering both consumer loans and corporate financing. As a key player in the European lending market, the company has already served over 250,000 customers. Additionally, Blue Finance has achieved €12.5M+ in turnover and operates five separate consumer credit brands.

The challenge of operating in different markets & jurisdictions

Blue Finance is a major global organization that provides lending services to customers across Finland, Denmark, Spain, and Poland. To ensure its successful international growth, the need for localized expertise in each country’s lending environment is paramount for Blue Finance.


“We differentiate ourselves from others because despite being a group operating in four countries, we try to work together towards a common goal, which is providing responsible loans and offering these financial solutions to customers. But we also know that every market has its own particularities –– its own laws –– so […] we try to develop each market according to its particularities.” — Miguel López, Country Manager for Spain at Blue Finance


To successfully operate in different regions, Blue Finance needs reliable partnerships with organizations that understand the regulatory complexities of each country.


Given our extensive experience in the Spanish market, Blue Finance decided to look closely at what Unnax can offer to help them automate and accelerate the payout process.

Blue Finance finds the specialized expertise it needs with Unnax

When Blue Finance first entered the EU lending scene, a core objective was to find the best ways to optimize internal operations and streamline lending processes. The payout process proved to be a vital area of focus for Blue Finance, spurring the company to look for the ideal payout service provider.


With this focus on streamlined payouts established, Blue Finance needed to find the right provider that could help them automate the payout process, making it as fast as possible, all while complying with relevant legal requirements.


“We contacted Unnax because one of the main processes in lending is the payout, and one of the best services provided by Unnax is precisely the payout service. In addition, the fact that […] Unnax offers many services that are so important for our operations also helps us to reduce the burden, feel more comfortable, and simplify our operations, as we are able to cover many important processes with a single partner.” — Miguel López, Country Manager for Spain at Blue Finance


On top of offering a leading payout solution, Unnax’s status as a regulated organization could provide the secure technologies needed to meet regional compliance expectations. With Unnax, Blue Finance could operate in Spain with full peace of mind.


Unnax increases Blue Finance’s capacity and scalability via automation

After implementing Unnax’s services, Blue Finance immediately saw a notable increase in business capacity as they scaled up business operations via automation.


Unnax’s payout service quickly became a fundamental building block of the lender’s operations, offering tremendous efficiency and enabling a fully optimized payout process.


“To us [… Unnax] was a huge relief, and it saved us a lot of work, as it provided us with a completely online service in which we could set up business rules in such a way that a loan is paid out automatically once approved. As a result, it freed up the back office from having to carry out manual transactions or resort to another, less automated service.” — Miguel López, Country Manager for Spain at Blue Finance


Unnax’s diverse mix of services ensured Blue Finance could reduce manual burdens and simplify its overall operations by covering many critical lending processes through a single provider.


Specifically, establishing business rules within Blue Finance’s digital payment and lending infrastructure allowed the company to capture a much higher volume of customers, all while preserving overall service stability and ensuring total customer satisfaction.


“We recommend Unnax’s services to other companies, as being able to group many services in a single provider simplifies internal operations and integrations. [Unnax] also has an excellent customer service and support department that provides quick responses, and it has a smooth way of implementing its services. — Miguel López, Country Manager for Spain at Blue Finance


The close relationship between Blue Finance and Unnax has ultimately helped to create mutual knowledge that facilitates any integration process the lender requires.

Ready to optimize your processes? Get in touch with our team today to discover the ways Unnax can empower your business.

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Hundreds of companies already benefit from our solutions.
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