Account aggregation

Financial data on-demand

Connect to bank accounts at hundreds of institutions and obtain financial data with ease. Understand your customers better, provide personalized experiences, and make better decisions.


Real-time access

Aggregate financial data on-demand with an average response time of 15 seconds from API call to return.

Personal and business accounts

Connect to personal and business bank accounts, enabling B2C and B2B use cases.

Filter based on your needs

Choose your output according to your use case: date, time, specific statements, and more.

Accessing and using data more intelligently is the core of Open Banking. We make it easy.

Gather data easily from any web environment

Integrate our bank aggregation widget with 3 lines of code and start capturing data through your site or app immediately — or deploy it to your users via text message to build trust and increase conversion.

Tokenize credentials for continuous access

Better data leads to better decisions. Detect trends and patterns in your user’s financial health with continuous access to their accounts — no re-authentication needed.

Always available

Connect using the bank’s dedicated interface or through the fallback mechanism using reverse engineering to guarantee data is always available when you need it.

How Unnax aggregates bank data

Our API normalizes and homogenizes outputs so you can easily integrate the data in your internal processes.

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Bank Aggregation can help you know your users better, build more customized experiences, and make better decisions.