Faster, smarter payments

Issue and receive real-time payments with direct bank to bank transfers. Automate all your money movement operations, improve user experience, and reduce costs.


Extremely fast

Real-time money

Move money in real-time with direct bank to bank transfers and account auto-selection.

Bank Aggregation icon Unnax

Capture valuable data

Capture bank data when your users make payments and gain valuable insights.

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No fees, no limits

Hold funds for your users under the guarantee of a regulated entity.

Turn your payment operations into a key differentiator for your business.

Faster payments guaranteed

Our API’s intelligence layer uses a waterfall logic to select the best source account for every outgoing payment you issue, guaranteeing transfers are completed in under 15 minutes.

Understand your customers better

By bundling bank data capture into the same account access, you can learn about your customers’ spending habits, financial health, and other information while processing a payment.

Program it and forget about it

The biggest benefit of making payments programmatic is precisely that–you can automate them. Integrate, define your payments architecture, and start issuing fully automatic real-time transfers.

How Unnax’s payments widget works

Our widget imitates the look and feel of your user’s bank, building trust and reducing drop-off at the payment step.

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Make real-time payouts, capture bank data, and automate all your transfers with the Unnax Payments API.