Financial Infrastructure on-demand

Build your financial infrastructure with IBANs, escrow accounts and digital wallets. Whether you want to issue digital accounts to your users or increase your bank coverage for real-time payments, we’ve got you covered.


Accounts on-demand

Issue eIBANs and IBANs to your customers and build transactional systems around them.

Increase bank coverage

Increase your banking coverage to make and receive real-time payments from more institutions.

Hold funds securely

Hold funds for your users under the guarantee of a regulated entity.

Access a full suite of regulated services with no burden for your business.

Accounts for all your business needs

Build products and services with transactional functionalities, money storage capabilities, direct debit, incoming and outgoing payments, and anything else you can envision.

Set up wallet ecosystems

Implement our digital wallet layer on top of our accounts and make it easier to fraction, store, and move money virtually within the same account. No fees, signatures, or reconciliation needed.

Bypass friction points

Automate all your money movements with our automated order processing system, including payment confirmation, signature, and Strong Customer Authentication.

How it works

Our Electronic Money Institution license allows us to issue IBANs and virtual accounts, manage accounts, and a host of other functionalities.

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Our accounts and wallets provide the infrastructure for any kind of financial service you can envision.