Automatic KYC & AML

Verify the identity of your users and prevent fraud with fully automated document verification and anti-money laundry checks.



Facial recognition

Capture selfies of your users and match them against their identity documents.

Document validation

Optical character recognition, machine-readable zone analysis, and manipulation detection.

Blocked persons detection

Detect blocked individuals listed by the EU, UN, OFAC, and other institutions.

Onboard new customers with ease in full regulatory compliance.

No manual work

Automate your entire user onboarding process with automatic verification processes that feed into each other. The only thing you have to do is make decisions.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with regulatory requirements for Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundry verifications in industries that deny service to suspicious persons.

UX matters

Streamline the entire onboarding and verification process and delight your users with services that are just as fast as they are secure.

How Unnax does identity verification

Our API bundles document verification, document-holder matching and anti-money laundry into a single service.

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Identity verification allows you to detect fraudsters and guarantee you only provide service to the people you want.